Odo Mpa So (Medley)
 Wonya Wodee A
 So Memu Yie
 Show Me Your Love
 Your Love Is All I Need
 Everybody Sing Shalala
 Enjoy Your Life
 I Want To Feel Your Love
 Mama Africa
 Jeka Feran Arawa
 Love In My Heart
 Bob Marley (Tribute)
 Hold On
 Mama Don't Cry
 Ka Anyi Gbaa Egwu
 Love Doctor
 You've Got My Love
 Take It To The Top
 Working For Our Daily Bread
 Oke Ochicho (Greediness)
 Ogechi (God's Time)
 I Miss Your Style (Tribute to Jake Sollo)
 Give It To You
 A Little Touch
 We Need Each Other
 I'm African
 Stay Down
 Life Is a Jungle
 Stand Up
 Give Me Your Love (Sneak Preview)
 Look At Me
 Do It
 Groove Some Funk
 I Love Afrikana
 No One Can Stop Us Right Now
 Too Young
 I'm Leaving Tonight
 Kill Me With Love
 Peaceful Dub
 Do It Together
 Sexy Dancer
 Step On
 Peace And Harmony


 My Saviour (Me Gyefo)
 Meye Ma Mawo
 Me Nyame Na Minim
 Beda Maabom
 Bebiara Nndwoe
 Ice Cream Funk
 Everlasting Love
 My Sweet Baby
 Your Love Is My Guide
 I'll Sing All Over The Land
 I'll Always Love You
 I Wonder
 Keep On
 Number One
 Let's Get Up
 Baby Eagles
 Baby Dance
 I Won't Let You Go
 Com' Back To Me
 Nite People
 Skinny Dipping
 Sexy Lady (Vocal)
 Hallelujah Disco
 Have You Been Good To Your Nose
 Midnight Lover
 Let's Dance Together
 Love Me Now
 How D'you Like The Boogie
 If Lovin' Is A Crime
 Take It Easy
 You Are The One
 Prayers Of God (Ekpele Chi)
 Oh My Darling
 Let It Be
 Africa Today (No More Sentiments)
 That Music
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