005 – Leolyxxx (Sweden)

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Leo is known for his deep tastes in Soul Steppers and Afro amongst other things. You know the previous 4 mixes of this series or his Plastic Inners series of more Afro-oriented mixes. We’ll let the music speak for itself. Enjoy!

004 – Mike Burns (Vienna)

If, like us, you loved the first volume of Mike’s Austro Special that our friends over at Overfitting Disco put out in 2017, you’ll understand why we are excited to be able to present to you the second volume.

003 – Trujillo (Venezuela / Berlin)

After a long break since the last mix, it is our Berlin-based friend from Venezuela, Andres Astorga aka Trujillo, stepping up next in the mix series. He is known for his monthly mix series that went from 2009 to 2016, running his own label Apersonal and spreading the Cosmic Caribe vibe around the globe.

Enjoy 90 minutes of summery sounds from the man himself.

002 – Daniel Lupica (Sydney, Australia)

Next up in the series we present you Daniel Lupica, one of Sydney’s and indeed Australia’s finest collectors and DJs.

Daniel has some seriously deep crates and tastebuds to match. We are stoked to have him on board for this beautiful ride through his musical universe.

If you enjoy this mix, follow him on Soundcloud, where you can find a few other mixes of his.

001 – Dea (Potato Head Beach Club, Bali)

Since the launch of our website we have been wondering who to ask for the first one in a new series of mixes until one of our absolute favourite DJs in the whole world placed an order in the store. Naturally, we wasted no time and immediately seized the opportunity to ask him for a mix. He was happy to do so and delivered very quickly.

We are excited to present to you this wonderful mix by the legendary digger, DJ and resident at the infamous Potato Head Beach Club in Bali that is DJ Dea. Just how he has managed to remain so fairly unknown for all those years is an absolute mystery to us.