An Haifisch Hob I

 You Got Me Burnin'


 Oji 'M Eme Onu

 O Nse Kisa

 Omo L'Aso

 Oh My Love (The Unchained Melody)

 Rock Me

 Nigeria (I Will Never Run Away)

 In Your Love


 Our World

 Ema Ke Mo

 What Is Life

 Ups And Downs

 My Sorrows

 I've Reconciled

 Everything's Got To Be Alright

 Let's Change The System

 Ku Saura Re-Ni

 Taking My Time

 Let Love Flow On

 Talk Love

 Aiha Ni Kpe We

 Homin Si Tche

 Davi Djinto Super No2 (start)

 Davi Djinto Super No2 (middle)

 African Problem

 Applicant Life

 Advanced Level Thief (A.L.T.)

 Sugar Daddy

 Shake The Dust

 How Long

 Where You Are

 Soul On Fire

 Working Girl


 Taxi Driver

 Man Hunting

 Touch Me

 Greatest Love Of All

 Nigeria Go Survive

 Groove I Like

 If You Like What You See

 Iwa Ti Yo

 Kilimandjaro My Home

 Bona Bami

 Ba Dihani

 Stop! Stop!


 Never You Say

 We Shall Win

 Switch Your Lights On



 Disco Hi-Life


 Children Of The World

 Love Peace And Happiness


 Feel So Good Sometime

 If I Can Be Free From Darkness

 Mr Boom Boom Boom

 My Kind Of Man

 Unsteady Love

 I'm No More Your Little Fool

 Something You'll Never Forget

 Ride On Baby

 Heaven & Hell

 Crashes In Love

 Jungle Gods

 Something You'll Never Forget

 Ride On Baby

 Heaven And Hell

 Crashes In Love

 Stay Cool, My Darling

 Africa, My Father's Land


 Come And Take Your Love

 She Is So Cool

 When The Moon Is Out

 Let's Do More Music

 You Do Good You Do For Yourself

 Mama Mo

 My Sweet Baby Augustina

 Everybody Likes Good Thing

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