Heart Of Stone (Club Mix)
 Wha Dis Wha Dat (Dub Mix)
 Wha Dis Wha Dat
 It's Not Serious
 What's Life
 Ups And Downs
 My Sorrows
 I've Reconciled
 Everything's Got To Be Alright
 Part 1
 Part 2
 Who Know Man
 Igbehin Ada
 Traffic Jammer
 Who's The Other Guy (Mix)
 No Dime
 Let's Change The System
 Ku Saura Re Ni
 Ibu Ndum
 Eyen kop uyo Nmi
 Taking My Time
 Show a Little Bit Of Kindness
 Iya Mi Ranti
 Music Makes You Happy
 Love Is The Answer
 I Don't Wanna Let You Down
 Praise Jah
 I Love To Know You
 Black Mail
 Get-On With Me
 Dearest Mum
 You're The One
 Prayers of God (Ekpele Chi)
 Oh My Darling
 Let It Be
 Africa Today (No More Sentiments)
 I'll Give It To You
 Chicks And Chiken
 Let Them Do It To You
 Let Your Love Show
 No More Bother
 Orin Tun Tun (New Wave Song)
 Time Na Money


 Simba Africa
 Baba Nipe Mali
 Wakumbuke Wazazi
 August One
 Odo Mpa So (Medley)
 Wonya Wodee A
 So Memu Yie
 Show Me Your Love
 Your Love Is All I Need
 Everybody Sing Shalala
 Enjoy Your Life
 I Want To Feel Your Love
 Enjoy Your Life
 I Want To Feel Your Love
 Jeka Feran Arawa
 Love In My Heart
 Bob Marley (Tribute)
 Hold On
 Mama Don't Cry
 Ka Anyi Gbaa Egwu
 Love Doctor
 You've Got My Love
 Take It To The Top
 Working For Our Daily Bread
 Oke Ochicho (Greediness)
 Ogechi (God's Time)
 I Miss Your Style (Tribute to Jake Sollo)
 Give It To You
 A Little Touch