Heart Of Stone (Club Mix)
 Wha Dis Wha Dat (Dub Mix)
 Wha Dis Wha Dat
 Let's Change The System
 Ku Saura Re Ni
 Ibu Ndum
 Eyen kop uyo Nmi
 Taking My Time
 Show a Little Bit Of Kindness
 Iya Mi Ranti
 Music Makes You Happy
 Love Is The Answer
 I Don't Wanna Let You Down
 Praise Jah
 I Love To Know You
 Black Mail
 Get-On With Me
 Dearest Mum
 Show Me Your Love
 Your Love Is All I Need
 Everybody Sing Shalala
 Jeka Feran Arawa
 Love In My Heart
 Bob Marley (Tribute)
 Hold On
 Mama Don't Cry
 Look At Me
 Do It
 Groove Some Funk
 I Love Afrikana
 Peaceful Dub
 Do It Together
 Sexy Dancer
 Step On
 Peace And Harmony


 Ice Cream Funk
 Everlasting Love
 My Sweet Baby
 Your Love Is My Guide
 I'll Sing All Over The Land
 I'll Always Love You
 I Wonder
 Keep On
 Number One
 Ifunaya (Dub)
 Love Is Good
 Am In Love
 We Ru Omeno
 Swi Ile Jirie
 Tell Me What You Gonna Do
 The World Is Changing
 You're My Love
 Out Of The Depths
 Jah Say
 I Came Here (Not To Steal But To Fight)
 Don't Mind Me
 Take It Easy
 Listen To The Radio
 Get Up And Dance
 Can't Help It
 Get Up And Dance (Instrumental)


 Better Place (To Live)
 Cost Of Living
 Free Afrika
 Kokoma Celebration
 Time Factor (Grey Disco Funk)
 You've Got All Its (sic) Takes
 The World Is A Stage
 She's All I Have
 My Message (Peace)
 My Happiness