Counterforce – Different Style


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WOOCS 1.2.5


Artist: Counterforce

Title: Different Style

Country: Nigeria

Year: 1992

Label: Odinga Holdings Limited and Mercedes Benz Original Teile (yes, really)

Features: Monday Oki

Condition: VG

Cover is pretty decent, some small writing blue biro on blue background, bit of creasing, bit of dirt. Bottom seam could use a bit of glueing back, though. Some hairlines on the record itself, some scuffing, but still glossy and plays ok, listen to the clip. The main track has some background noise, a certain noise that some LP tracks from Nigeria simply have. It is the same on the Youtube uploads of this track, not caused by this particular copy, but a feature of all copies of this LP. The remaining tracks do not feauture this noise as strongly, but it is present.

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